Play Euro-Millions Syndicate
e-Lottery (established in 2002) is a syndicate system that GUARANTEES every one of our syndicates will match at least one number in every UK Lotto draw… and will match BOTH "Lucky Star" numbers in every single EuroMillions draw! Click here for more details.

By GUARANTEEING these numbers, we increase your chances of sharing a win by 733% in each UK Lotto draw and a whopping 3,600% in each EuroMillions draw!! To join a syndicate with these increased odds Click HERE.
Euro-Million Roll-Over. Play here!
Why is e-Lottery "The Smarter Way to Play"?
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In the last four EuroMillions draws, 21567 members of our EuroMillions syndicates won a cash prize!
Click HERE to register your Euro Millions syndicate numbers!
Play UK Lotto with us to get 733% better odds of sharing a Jackpot... because WE GUARANTEE you will ALWAYS match at least ONE number... in every draw.
Get "IN IT" with 88 Chances to share a prize with your syndicate members EACH WEEK! Join HERE!
  • Click HERE to see how the Euro-Million MultiWin Lottery system works - Demo
  • Click HERE to see how the UK Lottery syndicate MultiWin system works - Demo